Friday, January 18, 2008

Contemporary Fabric and Period Furniture

Right now, I fancy for the walls of the drawing room of the new old house a sort of light stone green, something like Green Verditer or Green Oxide from the Georgian Dulux Heritage range.

I've got from my mother a considerable number of chairs, a sofa, a bench (or is it an ottoman?) and a footstool bench, all Louis XV replicas with needlepoint upholstery about 40 years old. Well-made and of good quality, but terribly conventional, not particularly appealing (see left) and the blue-ish colour scheme doesn't go with anything I have in mind.

Now I've seen recently stunning examples of similar furniture upholstered with modern fabric. That would be, so I think, the ideal solution for my stuff, the more as it is not authentic anyway, so I won't desecrate some treasure from the past.

This old Sanderson advertisement shows what I mean. Should I be able to retrieve the other (and nicer) pictures I've seen, I'll post them.

With the greyish-green background colour in mind, I found some lovely fabrics by P. Kaufmann, which I would like to share.

Mind you, this is at a stage where the electricity and plumbing needs to be updated and a central heating system installed, so upholstery fabrics ought to be the last thing for me to fuss about, but nobody will ever accuse me of being rational.

Besides, they may not be very good for this specific purpose because of the proportions of the pattern, because of a misfitting repeat, because they may look too fussy and thousand other reasons. Just take them as examples for something I like.

Central Park Green

Best in Show

Derby Cordovan


Library Suede

If it shows anything, then that the general colour scheme I have in mind is one of muted greens, browns and terracottas.

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