Thursday, January 17, 2008

So that we know about what we are talking!

I am adding the charts for the Dulux Heritage range here. Not because I endorse that specific brand (there may be better ones that are unknown to me), but just to have a common point of reference.




Classic Whites

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the House of Beauty and Culture said...

Farrow & Ball have some beautiful greens.

Evil Style Queen said...

I had a look at their range. Some incredible stuff, specifically the "darks". And, no wonder, they are definitely not cheap.

I will have to find out whether they are sold here in Germany as well. I doubt it but we'll see.

Thanks so much for the tip!

Pigtown-Design said...

I found an old decorating book that had a page with coloured paint chips. One was called "ashes of roses" and was a pale pink. what a great name.

Evil Style Queen said...

A wonderful name indeed! I sometimes think that descriptive and non-corny names go together with the quality of a product.