Thursday, May 22, 2008

Schloss Augustusburg: More Inspiration

I have been to Schloss Augustusburg and I am totally smitten. The former hunting lodge of the Dukes of Saxony contains, among a wealth of other features and exhibitions, a collection of historic hunting weapons, a very well presented exhibition of the wildlife in the ore mountains -- and a cornucopia of inspiration.

Of course it must be drastically scaled down in size and style for our purposes, but the period feeling is just right and I will certainly keep the terracotta-on-white colour scheme in mind. I was amazed at the similarity of some of the basic architectural features, for example the windows.

Here we have the Hasensaal, decorated with a witty recurring theme of anthropomorphised hares.

The Tafelstube, the dining hall.

This is one of the smaller rooms used now for the performance of civil marriages.

Here we have two views of the Venussaal, arguably the most spectacular feature of Schloss Augustusburg and least suitable for inspiration, just for admiration.

It shows an elaborate mural of the Venusberg saga, an important part of German mythology. The pictures can't even begin to convey the impact the room has on its visitors.

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