Saturday, June 07, 2008

Any Landseer Experts There?

And no, not the dog breed, the man who lent his name to it.

I am sure all of you who read this have at least a general idea about the life and work of Sir Edwin Landseer (1802 - 1873). He was best known for his paintings of animals - particularly horses and dogs.

One of my Ebay buys is a small (15 x 27 cm) oil painting of a gundog. I first thought of a German Short Hair Pointer, but as it's not docked it's more likely an English Pointer.

What does that have to do with Sir Edwin Landseer? Well, it might be signed "Landseer" or mightn't it?

By the way, the seller, who took the pictures, brightened the colours considerably, they are actually much more faded.

I am aware of the fact that I could paint... well whatever and sign it "Leonardo da Vinci" and as long as I am not trying to convince people that my painting is an authentic Leonardo, no harm is done, so the signature can be just a joke. The seller did NOT try to sell it as a "Landseer", he pronounced the signature unreadable.

On the other hand, the small picture is fairly old and not badly performed. A quick sketch by the master? Would a renowned painter sign such a sketch? One of the other Landseers? It is not totally improbable that it is somehow related to that family.

(If it isn't, it's no great deal because the price was in the lowest three-figure range and it's always worth that, whoever painted it.)

I have searched the Internet to the end and back and couldn't find a signature of Sir Edwin or of any of the other Landseers. So is anybody out there who knows Landseer's signature or where I might find information about it?

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