Friday, June 06, 2008

In Praise of Ebay

The look I would like to achieve is that of a house which has been lived-in by the same family for generations. A general period flair - of course! But no "period rooms", nothing from the interior decorator's notebook.

Everybody loves to hate Ebay, at least here, but without the huge selection of goods offered there and without the search and browsing functionality I don't know how I could cope, as there is not a budget of 100,000 Euro plus an interior decorator to spend it. There are simply not enough fleemarkets, junk goods and reasonable antique shops around one can visit and search in a reasonable distance, let alone time.

Here are two gems I bought from Ebay Austria, two architectural watercolour sketches dated 1901 by an artist (an art student?) named Luise Baumwolf. The very topical Renaissance theme of the ornaments deserves a special place in the house.

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