Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Photo by Passion Paws.
This is our Björni at five months and one week. He is an angel and I am beginning to understand the difference between a terrier and a pointer dog. Terriers are working alone sub surface in the darkest night, facing a predator which is often physically stronger than they are and no human will be able to come to their rescue. They have to make decisions alone, decisions on which their survival may be depending. And then they come to the surface and the same incompetent human expects them to obey. Let me put it like that: On one of their better days, they consider that a good joke. To be loved by a terrier is, like to be loved by a cat, a favour. THEY decide whether you are worth it. A pointer dog loves you uncritically. They are bred to work extremely close together with their humans and to obey orders.

Björni is no alpha-dog, which makes his training even more easy. But he is far from wimpish and, something I'd never expected, he is more intelligent than the terriers. He outsmarts them. Watching them interact is better than cinema at its most entertaining.

And he is stunningly handsome as well. "Style" was not an unimportant consideration when I decided I'd get a pointer dog again.

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Pigtown-Design said...

what a beautiful face!

Evil Style Queen said...

Thank you so much! And the rest of the little man is as impressive. I hope to get new pictures soon.