Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cheap, not Shoddy

Should one want to buy cheap and awful soft goods here, the place to go is a DIY place. Curtains, tablecloths, carpets, they all shout at one: "Look at me! I am from a DIY place!" But sometimes it pays to look, as I do, even at the unlikeliest of places for nice things. I found those cushions, the colours of which match almost exactly my V&B "Switch 4" coffee service, for € 3.99. They are reasonably good quality as well. The funny (peculiar) thing is that a lot of DIY things (or the clothes at cheap clothes stores, for that) are not of bad quality at all, but somehow manage to LOOK the part. DIY chains and clothes discounters are employing, I am sure, designers solely for the purpose of making stuff of fairly decent quality looking somehow cheap and awful.

I think it's quite a nice set of colours for a garden theme.

As the house isn't listed, I intend to have steps built down from the little wooden veranda (which is off the kitchen) to the garden and create a place for outdoor entertaining.

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lady jicky said...

I love your china pattern and I do think steps down from the veranda would look great. Are you going to do a little pathing for the tables and chairs to sit on the ground ? Add some pots and bingo! Outdoor area for summer!

The_Editrix said...

LJ, comments like your's make blogging worthwhile. To be honest, I hadn't given the details of a future outdoor place a thought. I think paving, either stone or wood, is imperative not to end up in a quagmire. And yes, a couple of terracotta pots taking up the theme from the china are a brilliant idea.

I am undecided yet, whether to install something like a pergola or whether a sunshade will suffice.

The serious renovation work is starting sometimes this week, so maybe it's too early to make plans for an outdoor dining area, but I have found that a lot of brainstorming helps to eliminate mistakes.

lady jicky said...

Thats what so great about thinking waaaay ahead - you can change your mind many times and it does not cost you! LOL

Evil Style Queen said...

Exactly! We had a real nasty hangup lately related to a handcrafter. In the end, bad has turned into good because the hiatus provided time for thought. Besides, the man had a lot of brilliant ideas. The problem was that he never seemed to find the time to realize them. Now others will.