Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A "Thing" for Otters

Commenter Lady Jicky says she has "a thing" for otters. The moment I read that I went to fetch my "Otter and Frog" figurine by Border Fine Art. I seem to remember that BFA had a series with young animals and that the otter and the frog were part of it.

While the BFA figurines are probably considered chocolate boxy by many, I was never selfconsciously into "good taste" and I admit that I enjoy the few I have, all of them of wildlife, enormously.

I found a (bad) photograph of the "Otter and Frog" figurine in the Internet and therefore scanned the one I have. Scanning a three-dimensional item is a bitch, but I think the one detail that intrigues me most, the bewitching little face of the otter, has turned out quite nicely. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The figurine is by Ray Ayres and dates from 1983. If I remember correctly, I got it sometimes in the late Eighties.

Here is some additional information on Ray Ayres and here the (not terrifically informative) Border Fine Arts website. Aren't blogging and the Internet educational?

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lady jicky said...

I love it and its not bad taste for I have one of their statues too!!! LOL I bought it about the 80's (I am in Australia so they are rare here) of a Cairn Terrier . I had a cairn at the time and I loved Toby so.
I think Otters are divine and I have not been to the zoo in years but if I do go- now I have a grandson (7mth - not Zoo ready yet! ) I always head to the otters and seals.

Evil Style Queen said...

Do you know what? I gave that very Cairn Terrier figurine to a friend who had one. That was many years ago and the little dog is long dead. They are great dogs, real characters!

Did you see my terrier pages?

Your grandson will grow up quickly, they tend to do that and then one wonders how time flies. A couple of mere months and he will enjoy the otters together with you.