Carnal Commentary

Our recent musings on the appearances of politicians and their spouses (here and here) were unabashedly shallow. But hey, even serious political blogs do it and even in a much more carnal way. What makes it even more interesting is that both of the shirtless guys on the left were part of our musings about what makes a gentleman and what makes it even more interesting again is the fact that those pictures prove that both of the shirtless guys, whatever their looks may be, ARE no gentlemen or they wouldn't have given the press the opportunity to take such photos. But at least Obama spared himself and us the ultimate embarrassment and refrained from sporting a medaillon.

But back to the carnal comment, and although I think it is a bit over-rigorous as far as Obama's physique is concerned, it certainly makes an interesting and not unfunny point and hits, in effect, the nail on the head:
...Drudge Report is running a poll. On the Drudge main page, there's a picture of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama shirtless. Readers are being asked to vote for the man they think looks better. So far, Putin's beating Obama 66% to 33 percent. I wondered why, so I conducted a little informal poll of my own by asking women I know why the "messiah" is losing so badly. In a nutshell, most of the women thought that while Putin looked like a macho man, Obama's shirtless picture was more reminiscent of an effete male model or homosexual out cruising.

My lady friends also commented that although Putin looked pretty good, they weren't crazy about his "Rambo look."
I take it that the "lady friends" who disliked the "Rambo look" are mostly American, who like their men notoriously tame, halter-broken and biddable, which let me marvel at the fact that they, quite illogically, preferred Putin over Obama at all, and I have a hunch that the pro-Putin votes at the Drudge Report poll came from just those men, voting for what they'd like to be and not what they are expected, or better allowed, to be.