Saturday, May 02, 2009

One Reason for Not Blogging

... apart from the writing block, of course.

We have worked for it for months and literally driven more than thousand (more than twothousand, more likely) kilometer for the training. Finally we made it. My young German Shorthair Pointer has passed his "Derby" (that is the field test for dogs not older than 18 months of the German Shorthair Pointer Club) two weeks ago. Tested is the dog's natural aptitude for pointing, field search, nose and natural trainability (not the ACTUAL degree of training).

Here we are:

And that was the scenery:

We are talking about the Fichtelgebirge-region here. The problem was that, due to an extraordinarily long and cold winter, there wasn't sufficient vegetation to host wildfowl. No wildfowl, no pointing, so it was endless searching in cold rain, as every dog has to be tested individually in a "fresh" field. However, my dog and his siblings all passed the test within the 1st prize in the end. (A "1st prize" is not for the winner, but indicates a specific (high) range of marks.)

The next goal is to teach him to retrieve for the autumn tests.

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