How to Keep Women Fatuitous, Footling and Foolish

That's the wife of the French President. From behind.

It's a screenshot from a German glossy magazine, the caption says: "It's mainly the figure of the 64-years-old that makes us all yellow with envy."

While I'm quietly proud of this unsolicited sisterly inclusion by one of the most morally debauched rotters in the field of German women-corrupters top quality German glossy magazines - count me out.

What is the purpose of such manipulative drivel?

The purpose is to feed even the most intellectually challenged and least politically interested German population group, female readers of glossy magazines, the recent pet-peeve of the German collective soul - the hatred for Donald Trump.

For that purpose of national importance, it's necessary to stylize an almost (almost!) pitiful, sixty-ish, haggard cull hen as a counterpoint to the goodlooking Melania Trump. Manipulations to force Trump-hatred down people's throats have reached proportions in this country which can only be called frightening, totally irrespective of whether one likes Trump or not.

But jealousy and envy of better looking, younger and more advantageously married women have a pull and they know that only too well in the editorial offices of the women-corrupters, so everywhere where the wifes of politicians appear, the unforgivable hubris of Melania Trump is looming, even if she isn't there, and so Nemesis Mum Macron is destined to put things right and restore order.
Mum Macron in a Seventies' dental assistant's outfit. The caption says:
"Ohlala - we didn't expect such a fashion-statement! While the wife of the French President, Brigitte Macron, calls forth furore and a flood of compliments in a supershort minidress, US-First Lady Melania Trump comes across as almost spießig* in cherry red."
*"Spießig" is one of the most difficult German words to translate. It implies, dependent on context, prudish, lower middleclass, boring, over-conventional, unadventurous, bad taste, petty bourgeois, prissy, narrow-minded, old fashioned, square.

Of course, everybody with common sense, functioning eyesight and an IQ above 115 is bound to see that this women is objectively butt-ugly, dresses ridiculously and self-degrading, wears a bad wig and reduces her husband to the role of a pathetic dancing bear, but while the readership of this sort of media may perhaps have functioning eyesight, we can be sure that they are somewhat challenged in the fields of common sense and IQ, so it works only too well.

And while we're at it - we didn't even mention the moral implications yet. Mum seduced a minor 24 years her junior while she was in a supervisory position of trust and care. Whether this is a case for the prosecutor, depends on the law of the country, but  to sell it as a love story, "grande passion" and even triumph of feminism to the morally corrupt and plain dumb is, to put it mildly, debauched to the nth degree.

Of course, everybody who dares to challenge the unpalatable age-gap between M. and Mme Macron will be informed that the gap between Donald Trump and his wife is about equal. And aren't we, in the day and age of an infinite number of genders, taught that biology doesn't matter anymore (if it ever has) and that we so must forget about the biological and evolutionary implications of the human mating process which are totally different for men and women. They would, after all, spoil our taste for the perverted and unnatural and rob the postmenopausal crowd plagued by their last hormone rush of the hope of mating, or at least of some boff by a younger man. As I said - unpalatable.

Some quotes from the whore-press for your edification and entertainment:
She hasn't just a body to to drop down to your knees for, she also knows how to use it (to her best advantage): Last week already, France's new First Lady [sic!] Brigitte Macron (64) caused a stir with her sexy outfits.
Apart from the fact, that I only had to translate half of this tripe because she murdered her German mothertongue with disgusting Anglicisms, this hack seems to hatch an unhealthy fixation for old women.
For the G20-summit in Hamburg, to which she travelled with her husband Emmanuel Macron, she chose a coral coloured minidress and killer-heels – and thus became the head-turner of the meeting.
Good to know head-turner in killer-heels brought hubby as well. Who would have thought so?
At the state reception in Paris to which the French presidential couple had invited Donald (71) and Melania (47) Trump on Thursday, her choice of clothes for the mutual photo op, caused a lot of food for talk and aplenty envious looks.
Melania Trump in a perfect dream of a dress totally appropriate to the occasion is described as "bieder" (see definition of "spießig" in the caption of the picture above), Mum Macron in a mixture of biker- and typist-outfit as "sexy".
This archetype of dumb-cunt-journalism manages in (unconsciously?) naive dumbness to nail it to the point. Envy! That's what you're writing for, isn't it? Women aren't supposed to dress up to look and feel better, but to provoke jealousy and envy in other women. And that's a good thing. Divide and conquer. Appeal to the lowest instincts of the "fair" sex and drive up your circulation. Well done!

So what do we have here (apart from selling a maximum of glossy magazines, of course)?

A political agenda? Certainly! Under no conditions must there be any kind feelings for the Trumps, and be it only for the lovely wife. It would be Europe's downfall!
The degree of hatred has become degrading - for us, not for Trump.

Double X-chromosome-induced jealousy and envy? Sure. Those hackettes don't just write down Melania Trump because they are told so by their editors. They hate her with a passion. They enjoy it and they thrive on it.

But there's more behind all this. Dress isn't just a matter of outward appearance. It's attitude towards life, expression of one's personality, of  how one wants to be perceived. Slut-media WANT women to be down, low, undemanding of the higher things, undignified, tasteless, undiscerning, fatuitous, footling and foolish.

And to ram home my point, here we have Mme Macron, paragon of feminist virtues, style icon, paradigm for the mature woman of the future and wearer of the worst wigs in the history of fashion at the funeral of Simone Veil, the grande dame of international politics.

We are doomed.